Indicazione Geografica Tipica


Grapes: Carignano

Vineyards and training method: Tanca S’Arai, low espalier.

Age of the vineyard: 40 years

Yield: 60 quintals/hectare

Soil type: of medium hill 150/180 a.s.l. calcareous, clayey, rich in texture.

Vinification, Maturation, Ageing: manual harvest in the very early morning. Maceration on the skins at controlled temperature for ten days. After the alcoholic fermentation the malolactic one takes place and then the refinement in second/third passage wood for 8 months, followed by three more months in bottle.

Tasting: dark ruby red, almost impenetrable, intense aroma of little red fruits, blackberry and cherry jam together with spicy hints of pepper and leather. Smooth tannins, great body, enveloping. Very persistent.

Matching and service: grilled or braised red meats. savoury and spicy main courses, seasoned cheeses.



Siray is an ancient name in Sardinia. A Punic city then Phoenician in the south west. In this area Carignan seem to be introduced in the island. This vine lives in our vineyards since ever.
This wine is dedicated to the ancient city of Sirai ond its ancient grape variety.

The Crus

Entemari, S'Arai, Assoluto, these are the grand crus from the Pala family and for the people able to wait and to keep them for a longo time in the cellar.

they are the resume of more than sixty five years of our history and of our family in the wine production. Obtained from the most important and indigenous grape varieties of Sardinia these are wines of exceptional quality produced only in perfect harvest/vintage and in a very limited quantity.



Nasco is the variety, the most ancient one in Sardinia and also a rarity.



the white for the experts, and also the one that can age more than any other in the Pala wines range and probably in the entire Sardinian white wine production.



This is Pala Grand Cru and the flagship wine made in one of the best and oldest vines from the family.


Pure terroir plus Pala family recipe or interpretation this are the wines in the Mario Pala Collezioni range. From Stellato to Cannonau Riserva, at the top in terms of quality and terroir, to Thesys and Siray, modern ways to respect the varietal and the soil type. From Chiaro di Stelle know as one of the best roses in Italy to the native Essentija.


Sardinia is inside of every single I Fiori bottle of wine. I Fiori, the flowers is the meaning because every single varietal is one of the most important of the Island and is one of the most famous DOCs of Sardinia: Monica, Nuragus, Vermentino and Cannonau are their names, these are all flowers. The same flowers that che Mario Pala dedicates to his family. Nuragus for his daughter Elisabetta, Cannonau for the son Massimiliano, Monica is for the daughter Maria Antonietta and the Vermentino for Rita, Mario's wife.


Visiting the vineyards in our area means very often find themselves alone with the nature and in a land where the silence (Silenzio) is broken only by the sound of the wind or the singing of birds. These are the silences (Silenzi) of this land and these vineyards from where this three great wines of undisputed quality are made.