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PALA, Wine Life

Wine Life is us, our life, our vines our wines, our family, traditions, history, land. Wine life is you and all the moment you share with the ones you love to live your wine life.


Tales from Sardinia, tales from Pala, a wine family

The wine history of the island of Sardinia is like the nature and the character of its nature, wild and diverse like its wines made of its native varietals. Some of them original of the island and planted by its ancient habitants. The stone tower builders, as we like to describe them...

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a view of Sardinia


Pala owns seven different locations for its vineyards. Some of them are very close to the winery some other are a little far... but anyway, terroir, exposure, and soil type are adapted to the different varietals.

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Is Crabilis vineyard

in a rolling limestone hill area...



ungrafted and in white sands the bovale vines


Tanca S'Arai

our cru in the municipality of Serdiana, our hometown


Reds, whites, roses or dessert wines, the expression of the terroir or of the grape or of the single vineyard. Sardinia, our land is inside every single Pala wine bottle. Our family, our history inside, your world outside. Cheers!

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PALA, a Wine Family since 1950

Pala Estate has its roots in the land of Sardinia for four generations. In these places of tradition, in this solitude and silence, in 1950, with the first harvest began this extraordinary adventure that continues today under the leadership of Mario Pala and his family

Mario Pala represent the third generation of a family that has always been dedicated to vine and wine. Today Mario Pala and his wife Rita count on the work of their two daughters Maria Antonietta and Elisabetta and theis son Massimiliano. They are all involved in the winery and in the vines and so enthusiasts to follow the family in thei mission. The tradition certainly has a future thanks to the enthusiasm that, once again, for the fourth generationMario, you start to pass.

quality wines with great attention to the territory and tradition.Starting from vineyards cultivated with optimal exposures using traditional methods and according to the dictates of integrated pest management to production and enhancement of the oldest vines of tradition as Nuragus, Nasco, Bovale and Monica plus the most famous Cannonau and Vermentino.The attention and sobriety are also reflected in packaging and distribution, respectful and attentive.